How to

Follow scenarios step by step allowing you to develop from start to finish by addressing DevPrime Stack, DevPrime CLI, DevPrime Transactions Service, and other software strategy issues.


Learn in practice how to enable idempotency in microservices developed on the DevPrime platform in a few steps, allowing you to prevent duplicate requests or events via HTTP/gRPC Stream services (Kafka, RabbitMQ).

Asynchronous Microservices Communication

We will create two microservices using asynchronous communication. When you request the microservice “ms-order” it will process your rules and then issue an event for the “ms-payment”.

Consuming API in microservices using http

Using synchronous communication via HTTP for communication between two microservices

Creating the first microservice using MySQL and RabbitMQ

Developing a microservice using MySQL and RabbitMQ.

Security in microservices and API's Keycloak / Auth0

Implementing security in Microservices using OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 / JWT in the protection of web pages and API’s.


Sonar Cube is a tool to manage technical throughput in projects and supports Continuous Code Quality and Code Security strategies providing a complementary experience in the development of microstuses on the DevPrime platform.

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