dp add

The command dp add adds resources to microservices by accelerating stages of development and increasing productivity.

You’ll have a set of amazing commands available that let you add an Aggregate root, entity, value object, domain event, domain services, event subscribe, external components, and other resources.

Adding an aggregate root

dp add aggregate Order

Adding an entity

dp add entity Item -agg Order

Adding a Value Object

dp add valueobject Status -agg Order

Adding a Value Object

dp add valueobject Email

Adding a Domain Event

dp add domainevent TransferHappened

Adding a domain event linked to an aggregate root

dp add domainevent OrderCopied -agg Order

Adding an Event and Linking to an Application Service

dp add event OrderCreated -as PaymentService
dp add subscribe OrderCreated -as PaymentService

Adding a Domain Service

dp add domainservice BankTransfer

Adding OIDC Authenticflow

dp add web login

Adding external components to adapter Tools

dp add tools WhatsApp

Last modified March 10, 2022 (faffa5c)