DevPrime CLI is a command-line tool to support the software developer journey by accelerating the creation of new microservices.

DevPrime CLI works on Windows, Linux, and macOS environments. To use it is necessary to install and then link to a license (Free, Developer, Team, or Enterprise) in the Devprime platform.

dp auth

DevPrime CLI authentication

dp new

Creating new microservices using devprime CLI

dp marketplace

Accelerating software development with ready-made business rules available on the DevPrime marketplace.

dp init

The dp init command accelerates multiple implementations saving many hours of development and ensuring alignment with key market standards.

dp add

The command dp add adds resources to microservices by accelerating stages of development and increasing productivity.

dp remove

Updating the nuget components of DevPrime Stack

dp state

The command dp state helps in creating relational database structures.

dp export

The command dp export exports settings for services such as docker, kubernetes, heroku accelerating the implementation of settings to the productive environment.

dp stack

Updating the nuget components of DevPrime Stack

dp version

List the version of DevPrime Stack

Last modified March 10, 2022 (faffa5c)