DevPrime® CLI and Stack are cross-platform tools (Windows, Linux, macOS) based on .NET SDK 7.x that can be installed in all environments.
  • The development of applications is re-equipped to use Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio (Community / Professional / Enteprise), Rider and other tools.
  • Publication can be done on local machines or environments with Docker / Kubernetes and cloud services (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Heroku, Digital Ocean and others)

Checking the .NET installation

In a command prompt type one of the commands below to check the version of .NET

    dotnet --version


    dotnet --info

Starting .NET installation (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Select an installation option depending on the operating system
.NET on Windows
.NET on Linux
.NET on macOS

Additional tools

Visual Studio Visual Studio Code and/or Visual Studio 2019 or higher
Windows Terminal A tool that allows you to open multiple command prompt tabs at the same time and very useful for microservice.
I’m . A container platform recommended to run applications such as mongodb, rabbitmq used in the demo. (Windows, Linux, macOS).
PowerShell Command-line utility (Windows, Linux, macOS) Download.
WSL2 Windows updates offer a Linux subsystem allowing application development on Windows and Linux.
Last modified November 17, 2022 (39924eb)