Getting started

The first steps to start devPrime and create the first cloud-native microservices with amazing, production-ready features.


DevPrime® CLI and Stack are cross-platform tools (Windows, Linux, macOS) based on .NET SDK 6.x that can be installed in all environments.

Install DevPrime CLI

The DevPrime CLI command-line utility can run in environments (Windows, Linux, macOS) and is the main tool of the software developer person on the DevPrime platform.

Activate Devprime CLI

DevPrime is offered on licenses (Free, Developer, Team, Enterprise) and is made available for purchase through the platform portal.

Using docker

Docker is a recommended container platform for running applications such as mongodb, rabbitmq used in the DevPrime demo (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Creating the first microservice

Learn at this point how to develop the first production-ready 30-minute microsseriço using DevPrime CLI, DevPrime Stack, and modern software architecture design and accelerators that increase productivity and standardize development.

Last modified March 10, 2022 (615ec2b)