Questions and answers about DevPrime applications.

1. Is there any resilience strategy provided by DevPrime Stack?

DevPrime offers resiliency, retry and circuit break strategies making applications reactive to failure and anti-fragile.

2. If I have API’s or Microservices built with DevPrime and want to connect them to an API Gateway is this possible?

All DevPrime-based API’s follow the REST standard and support the Open API protocol allowing them to be exposed on any API platform.

3. How do I migrate my built applications using Cloud DevPrime for an On-premises environment?

Our default recommendation is to retain using Docker. Applications built with DevPrime follow the Cloud Native strategy, enabling portability between the various cloud providers, as well as their on-premises usage.

4. Is it possible to use DevPrime in hybrid environments?

The entire DevPrime architecture follows the Cloud Native strategy, enabling your applications to be published in any environment, including enabling communication with legacy software using a DevPrime Connect-based anti-corruption layer.

Last modified March 10, 2022 (615ec2b)