Configuration and customization options on the DevPrime platform.

When creating a new microservices using DevPrime CLI we provide some initial parameters that reflect how the project is being customized. You can find all the details in the file “appsettings.json”.

In the production environment these parameters must be passed as environment variables for containers.

We recommend using the vaults available on cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or external ones such as Hashicorp Vault in the multi-cloud context.


Set the DevPrime license configuration, advanced debug settings in the application, and/or adapters.


The web adapter exposes microservices API’s, static files, and web pages in ASP.NET MVC, Razor.


Set the settings on the Stream adapter allowing you to switch between RabbitMQ, Kafka, and others and if necessary use more than one Stream at the same time.


Define data persistence model settings in the State adapter such as MongoDB, Redis, SQLServer, Elastic, and others. DevPrime supports more than one State model.


The Observability adapter offers Automatic Log, Trace distributed in the OpenTemetry and Metrics standard. In settings you can disable, configure Log settings in the local development environment.


The services adapter facilitates integration with external HTTP, gRPC, GraphQL services as well as integration with secure API’s and support for Retry and CircuitBreak features.


Use the custom parameter for custom application configurations as needed by the project

Last modified March 10, 2022 (615ec2b)