Develop the first production-ready microservice in minutes

Hey Developers!!

We have prepared the documentation with incredible steps for you to explore the main benefits of the innovative technology offered by the DevPrime platform and start developing modern software projects.

Technological challenges in companies:

  • How to overcome the technological blackout of professionals?
  • How to standardize software development?
  • How to develop CloudNative applications?
  • How to increase the productivity of software projects?
  • How to offer a software development strategy approach looking at standardization, maintenance and evolution of digital products?

Developer Experience

DevPrime technology and accelerators provide a “Developer Experience” enabling you to accelerate the day-to-day of software development, hiring professionals, project evolution and continuous business innovation.

  • Frictionless Developer Onboarding
  • Modern software architecture design
  • Empowerment due built in features
  • Deliver new functionality faster
  • Reduce Technical Debt
  • Agile development and code accelerators
  • Cloud-native, resilient and scalable development
  • Innovation, Research and Development

Digital Business Metrics

We put into practice the main practices of software strategy, application engineering contemplating important topics from the perspective of the software developer and treated in books such as Accelerate and many others technically complementing the challenges in digital product management.

  • Reduction of lead time
  • Reduction errors in homologation
  • Increased productivity
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Time to Market (TTM)
  • Lead Time for Changes
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Change Failure Rate
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

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Last modified March 14, 2022 (252c8e5)