Activate Devprime CLI

DevPrime is offered on licenses (Free, Developer, Team, Enterprise) and is made available for purchase through the platform portal.

In our scenario at this time we will use a Developer license that allows you to first contact the DevPrime platform and can be used for free as a non-corporate individual user.

Creating a free license

The first step is to access the DevPrime and click “Create a microservice now” advancing on the purchase to the end to activate a free license and start testing. If you already have another license and want to use just skip this step.

Installing DevPrime CLI

Install or update the DevPrime CLI.

Initiating CLI Activation

The next step is to enable the CLI by linking the previously created license. Go to the command prompt and run the command below.

Type in the command prompt

    dp auth

When running the “dp auth” the CLI will try to open the web browser in the url displayed. If you can’t just copy and paste into the browser to link the license.

Activate a License

At the end it is possible to obtain confirmation in the CLI


Confirming cli installation

Type in the command prompt

    dp version

DevPrime Version

WOW!! Are you ready to create the first microservice.

Last modified March 10, 2022 (615ec2b)